Beams of Light Photography


A Wedding Photographer in NSW

Beams of light photography, an experienced photographer for Black and White Photography in NSW as well as the leading service provider for family portrait photography Newcastle has been serving the people with excellent photographic solutions as per the requirement of the clients. With working experience of more than a decade, we have a team of professional family photographer Newcastle. We provide commercial photographic solutions for fashion as well as the engagements in NSW.

We as a team of photographers want to help you capture all the memorable moments and get the most from your photographs. Unlike the other photographers, we don’t only serve photograph services for wedding and family portrait, but rather we are also equally active towards the fashion photography Newcastle. You can choose a specialist Wedding Photographer in NSW and let our passions work for you for your any of the wedding or private functions. We serve you with the creative quality photographs of any of your events or for your family portraits with full image retouching services if required. Located in Mayfied West NSW, the level of the private function photographer Australia, which we offer is our trademark.

We know well how important is your function day and hence serve you the services as per your requirements without any disturbance to the event. Our professional photographers are well experienced and know well the various techniques and methodologies to capture the pictures of your special moments. May you be in need of a wedding photographer in NSW or simply any other photographic solutions that we have been serving, you are invited to make us a call and enjoy the services. We are passionate about serving our clients the best experience. We have been in business for past 20 years and now pride ourselves on the quality of the work and service we have been offering.